Our purpose and mission


A life worth living is a life filled with meaning. To live meaningfully is to wonder, appreciate, connect, create, produce and serve. It means to live insightfully, courageously, responsibly, patiently and abundantly. It is to live wisely. To make meaningful connections with ourselves, others and the world around us. This is the life we want to live. This is the world that we choose.


We are a global society dedicated to helping people live meaningfully, sustainably.


We design and grow organic self-supporting and self-propagating systems for learning, responsibility, action, transparency, reflection and trust.


By relying on self-managed teams to unleash the creative drive of fellow contributors and use effective distributed collaboration, innovation and project management tools and practices.


Meaningfully connected lives in an abundant world

The Creed of the Fellowship of Heroes

Heroism is an art, not an accident or birthright. The art of being competent and focused: the skill, the strength and the compassion.

  • A hero never boasts. Does not seek a reward. Happiness of others is reward enough.
  • A hero chooses to do what’s right, is not swayed by the crowds.
  • A hero protects the innocent and nature, brings justice and mercy.  
  • A hero is at peace and makes peace where there was strife.
  • A hero has time for others, to care, to listen, to reduce suffering.
  • A hero cares and knows what to do. A hero forgets to be afraid.
  • A hero never gives up, does not stay down, only seeks another way.
  • Accepting others as they are. Always quick to learn.  Always eager to help.

We are not yet heroes, but fellow learners, among fellow learners. Always growing and supporting the growth in those around us. We choose to grow the hero in us, to live meaningfully:

  • to be aware and notice.
  • to be deliberate and make the choice.  
  • to raise awareness of others, to speak and persuade.  
  • to be disciplined and always ready, to get involved and act.
  • to acknowledge victories and mistakes, to learn and improve. 

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