What is Fellowship of Heroes?

A society dedicated to promoting meaningful living by supporting growth and development of individuals, their communities and the world as a whole.

Why is it called ‘Fellowship of Heroes’?

We believe that to live meaningfully is to live courageously. We do not claim to be heroes, but we seek to cultivate the qualities that help us act with that courage. Heroes are not born, meaningful activities help nurture the hero within each of us. We find meaning in seeing ourselves in fellowship with the heroes of the past, the people who willingly gave their lives to improve the lives of others. 

What do you hope to achieve?

It is our belief that if even 10% of people spend 10% of the time more meaningfully, we would solve many of the world’s problems, while radically improving quality of life for everyone. We started with the belief that eventually, it will be possible and necessary to create a whole new economic system that would enable people to have the ecosystem and resources to always act from a place of meaning. At the same time we recognize that even if we fail to impact the global economy, the meaningfulness of lives for the people involved will be reward enough.

What exactly is your end goal?

The long-term goal of our collaboration is to eventually develop a platform for creating, distributing and stewarding value. Creating a system of trust. We will achieve this by not rushing to the outcome but by enjoying the process. If we succeed in our goal to develop such a way of doing and being where every action of the Fellowship produces instant value to all the participants, the journey being as rewarding and meaningful as the destination, we will have no choice but be successful in reaching the long-term goal.

Why did you start FoH?

We were appalled by mindlessness all around us. The mindlessness of consumerism, of so-called “social” media and infotainment, of our ultra-competitive economic system, of our disempowering political process. We recognized that meaningful activity, like starting the Fellowship, is by far more rewarding than wasting our own time mindlessly.

What do you do? How do you make a difference?

We primarily focus on 3 types of activities:

  • Self-development: development of awareness and motivation, skills and abilities, habits and character;
  • Fellowship: reaching out to others, building the fellowship, helping Fellows to develop self and fellowship;
  • Causes: identifying and assessing opportunities to serve, organizing and creating impact, recognizing and magnifying impact and learning.

Currently, we are focusing on the self-development and Fellowship as a way to build capacity. Once we build the community, tools, practices and methodologies, we will leverage them to impact multiple causes. We will used best practices to help Fellows see an opportunity to generate the best return on invested effort for meaningful change. By applying best practices to many causes we will magnify the impact that we can produce.

What does it mean to live meaningfully?

We are grateful to Victor Frankl for his definitions of meaningfulness, which are the foundation for what we are pursuing. We practice cultivating 3 desired facets of living:

  • Meaningful life: engaging activities that create value, enduring fellowship and relationships, creative flow, unique self-expression, wander, learning, appreciation, recognition, interconnectedness and harmony. Living in a way that honors ourselves, people who are, were or will be in our lives, everyone else in this universe and beyond.
  • Good life: recrafting work, love, friendship, leisure, and parenting to use strengths and spend more time aligned with values.
  • Pleasant life: enjoy the small pleasures in life, and have the skills to amplify pleasures, e.g. being grateful, savoring, journaling.

In practice, while cultivating these facets, we focus on the activities described above.

Who founded FoH? Who is the leader?

The primary co-founders are Casey Abbott Payne and Oleg Tumarkin. Other major early contributors include Kevin Bozeat and possibly you. Our organization is fairly egalitarian, with everyone taking personal responsibility for their involvement. We seek to pursue an organization that is managed through consultative self-direction (see teal organization). At the same time, since there is an expectation that there needs to be a leader currently, Oleg Tumarkin serves as the leader of the Fellowship and Casey Abbott Payne serves as Head of Outreach and Public Communication.

Is this an alternate reality game?

This is not a game. While you can participate as though it was one, that’s not the point. We are creating an alternate reality, but only for the purposes of supplanting the primary reality with one that is better.

Are you affiliated with any other organization, company or political group?

We are not affiliated with anyone at this time and are open to collaborating with anyone.

I want to know more. How do I join?

Register on the main page. You can invite anyone you like and if they list you as a referral you will be recognized for their participation in the Fellowship.
Once you have joined, you will be invited to participate in self and Fellowship development activities, eventually in activities to impact the world. No participation is required. There are no membership fees.
Alternatively, you can opt to receive email updates from the Fellowship and join as a full member later on if you wish.