Do you seek to live meaningfully?

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Living meaningfully, meaningful life – courageously impacting the world by being connected with ourselves and others

Living meaningfully is a collective endeavor

We live meaningfully by making meaningful connections. We need meaningful connections with ourselves, with one another, with the world around us.

In today’s world, making deep meaningful rewarding connections is difficult. Studies show that meaningful connections are better predictors of life quality and impact than wealth or fame. Yet, we rarely seek them. A different set of metrics drives the world of consumerism, infotainment and “social” media. The traditional economic system encourages us to compete, not cooperate. Today, in some crucial ways, we are less able to deeply and meaningfully connect to each other, to things that really matter than we have ever been in the past.

We seek to change that

The art of meaningful connection starts with intentionality. But, odd as it may sound, it is often easier to connect deeply not by focusing on connecting, but by doing something meaningful together. This is why we build our practice of living meaningfully around taking the time to understand one another, working with one another on projects that we find meaningful, reflecting on our experiences and practicing gratefulness. Together, we seek to find meaning in learning, work and play.

Fellowship of Heroes is a society dedicated to living meaningfully. That means we want to foster meaningful connections in each other’s life. We work together on projects that create value for others. In the process, we get to know ourselves and one another.

Joining the fellowship will set you off on an adventure of a lifetime. You will make new friends, find support, make a difference. Bring your skills, your values, your goals. We will mesh them together to make something beautiful together. You will become a part of the community that supports you. And, you will develop your habits, skills and talents.

Life at the Fellowship

Everything we do, we infuse with best practices and learning. By working on self-managed teams we gain valuable competencies in communication, collaboration, management. Our members also receive discounts and free access to top-notch member developed educational curriculum, seminars, boot camps, along with opportunities to certify your knowledge and expertise.

You will have an opportunity to experience life in a new way and make a difference. To have your contributions, accomplishments, and service recognized, appreciated and rewarded. It is always Free to join or leave.

We are building a world that we want to live in, where we can live abundantly, courageously. Together, we can make a difference. Be a part of the experience and welcome you with open arms.